Gamertag Region Melee Singles Melee Doubles PM Singles
225 total 206 US, 19 Int'l 202 entrants 94 entrants 64 entrants
(◕‿◕✿) US (Midwest) with 4%
100% US (Midwest)
4% US (Midwest) with (◕‿◕✿)
401k US (Midwest) with XP
4Serial Canada (Ontario)
5-1 US (Midwest)
5D US (Midwest)
ActionMaster US (Midwest)
Amazerommu US (Midwest) with Reeve
Amir US (Midwest)
Ant International
Anther US (Midwest) with Shaedenz
Apex | Ori_bro US (Midwest)
Artichoke US (Midwest)
Artificial Flavour US (Midwest)
Athleticnerd93 US (Midwest) with Affinity
Badger US (Midwest)
Bantler US (Midwest) with Grasshoppa
Battlemage US (Midwest)
Beach US (Midwest) with KJH
Bird US (Midwest)
Buddy US (Midwest)
Calmillion US (Midwest)
CAM US (Midwest) with HoneyBaked
Casual Friday and the Legend of the Seven Stars US (Atlantic North) with Salty Sith (Team Ski Free 2 Knees)
Cave Dweller US (Atlantic North) with Stro
Chardcore US (Midwest) with Ruffian
Chicken Chaser US (Midwest)
Chopsticks Canada (Ontario)
CKC US (Midwest)
Cmurda US (Midwest)
CocoThunder US (Midwest)
Coupkey US (Midwest)
CPU? US (Midwest)
crip hood US (Midwest) with WoK
CRS.Chillin US (Atlantic North) with KirbyKaze
CTL US (Midwest) with Kalamazhu
D++ US (Midwest)
Da Crock US (Midwest) with spazsquirrle
Datrooph US (Midwest)
Deep C Squid US (Midwest)
Ders US (Midwest) with Coffeemug
Dirtboy US (Midwest) with Gum
Djinn US (Midwest)
Dre US (Midwest) with Toadster
Drephen US (Midwest) with Hanky Panky
Dreyvas US (Midwest)
Drift US (Midwest) with Dublistic
Dublistic US (Midwest) with Drift
Duck US (Midwest) with ESI.GG | Prince Abu
Egg US (Midwest) with rodohk
EMG | Coastward Canada (Ontario)
Erisez US (Midwest)
ESI.GG | Prince Abu US (Midwest) with Duck
ethan US (Midwest)
Exponential US (Midwest)
Fashp US (Midwest)
FendrickLamar US (Midwest) with Russell
FinnilaWafer US (Midwest) with Flameon
Fission US (Midwest)
FKB US (Midwest)
Flameon US (Midwest) with FinnilaWafer
Flaregun Canada (Ontario)
FluffySheep US (Midwest) with jfgameboy
Free Ganondorf US (Midwest) with Karls Jr
Freze US (Midwest)
Frolickk US (Midwest)
Frootloop US (Midwest) with ORLY
Gamma US (Midwest)
Garzal US (Midwest)
GDL I Beegs US (Midwest) with Invinceabull
GDL | Coffeemug US (Midwest) with Ders
GenghisKhan US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
GG | i4n US (Midwest)
Ghost US (Midwest)
Ginger International with NJA
GOD US (Midwest)
Goodin US (Midwest) with LuigigoShard
GoonSquad US (Midwest) with Stif
gorx US (Midwest)
Grasshoppa US (Midwest) with Bantler
Greasy D US (Midwest)
Gum US (Midwest) with Dirtboy
Hamer US (Midwest)
Hanky Panky US (Midwest) with Drephen
Haunter US (Midwest)
Hazy US (Midwest)
Heartstrings US (Midwest)
Hellsing US (Midwest) with The Oak
Herm US (Midwest) with pazp
HoneyBaked US (Midwest) with CAM
HugS US (Pacific West) with Mike Haze
Hunt US (Midwest)
Identity Crisis US (Midwest)
idFx Canada (Ontario)
Invincabull US (Midwest) with GDL I Beegs
Iron US (Midwest)
jbrooks US (Midwest)
jfgameboy US (Midwest) with FluffySheep
Jinjo US (Midwest)
JoeBigs US (Midwest) with Not JoeBigs
JWN l Nightmare Canada (Ontario) with Toast
K V V US (Midwest) with pinetop
Kaizoku US (Midwest)
Kalamazhu US (Midwest) with CTL
Karils US (Midwest)
Karls Jr US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
Kason Canada (Ontario) with Sauc3
kd US (Midwest)
KingKoopa US (Midwest)
KingLewi US (Midwest)
KirbyKaze Canada (Ontario) with CRS.Chillin
KJH US (Midwest) with Beach
Korona US (Midwest)
Kuyashii US (Midwest)
lain US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
Lordy International
Loyal US (Midwest)
Lucy US (Midwest)
LuigigoShard US (Midwest) with Goodin
Luxy US (Midwest) with Shabraca
m8land US (Midwest)
Meowvalent US (Midwest)
mikeHAZE US (Pacific West) with HugS
Miles US (Midwest)
MinorThreat US (Midwest)
MIOM | Juggleguy US (Midwest)
Mobius US (Midwest)
montross US (Midwest)
mordicon US (Atlantic North) (No partner specified)
MorseCode762 US (Midwest)
Moy US (Midwest)
MRBNJMN US (Midwest)
MrYAG US (Midwest)
Mufasa US (Midwest)
Napkin US (Midwest)
Navatar Canada (Ontario) with Radiowar
Necro Joe US (Midwest) with Onslaught
NEOH | Sweet US (Midwest)
Nexic US (Midwest) with Will
NJA US (Midwest) with Ginger
Not Joebigs US (Midwest) with JoeBigs
Not_Jace US (Midwest)
Nutsack US (Midwest) with Shark
Olives US (Midwest)
OMD US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
Onslaught US (Midwest) with Necro Joe
Onslot US (Midwest)
ORLY US (Midwest) with Frootloop
OU | Eggnawg US (Midwest) with OU | kLUB
OU | kLUB US (Midwest) with OU | Eggnawg
Oven US (Midwest)
OvermanXAN US (Midwest)
PèreNoël US (Midwest)
Paper US (Midwest)
pazp US (Midwest) with herm
Photonic US (Midwest)
Pillz US (Atlantic North)
Pinetop US (Midwest) with K V V
Plasma193 US (Midwest)
Psythr US (Midwest)
PunDefeated US (Midwest)
Pyromaniaccident US (Midwest)
Q-Bert US (Midwest)
qwetroop US (Midwest)
Radiowar Canada (Ontario) with Navatar
Rappsody Canada (Ontario)
Reeve US (Midwest) with Amazerommu
Reyn US (Midwest)
RiK US (Midwest)
Rocket Man US (Midwest)
rodohk US (Midwest) with Egg
Ron Diesel US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
Ruffian US (Midwest) with Chardcore
Russell US (Midwest) with Fendrick Lamar
RX-78 US (Midwest)
Ryan #2 US (Midwest)
Saltine US (Midwest)
SaltySith US (Atlantic North) with Casual Friday
Samn US (Midwest)
Sasha US (Midwest)
sauc3 Canada (Ontario) with Kason
SaxophoneofTime US (Midwest)
Shabraca US (Midwest) with Luxy
Shanondorf US (Midwest)
Shark US (Midwest) with nutsack
ShinsuYavi US (Midwest)
shnizalwizal US (Midwest)
Sid Bim US (Atlantic North)
Sinc US (Midwest)
Sklopp US (Midwest)
Slush Canada (Ontario)
spazsquirrle US (Midwest) with Da Crock
Stif US (Midwest) with Goonsquad
Stro US (Atlantic North) with Cavedweller
SuperMegaWalrus US (Midwest)
Tang it Rell US (Midwest)
teh_blazerer US (Midwest)
The Chosen Juan US (Midwest)
The Oak US (Midwest) with Hellsing
TheRedComet US (Midwest)
Thexy US (Midwest)
thrik US (Atlantic North)
THuGz US (Midwest) with Zinoto
tinyboss US (Midwest)
tm US (Midwest) (No partner specified)
Toadster US (Midwest) with Dre
Toast Canada (Ontario) with JWN l Nightmare
Tran US (Midwest)
Treetz US (Midwest)
Turbo US (Midwest)
Twinkie112233 US (Midwest)
VGBC | GimR US (Atlantic North)
Volt US (Midwest)
WCS | Webs US (Midwest)
Wham US (Midwest)
wherd US (Midwest)
Will US (Midwest) with Nexic
Wizard US (Midwest)
WoK US (Midwest) with crip hood
XP US (Midwest) with 401k
YoungsterJoey US (Midwest)
Zinoto US (Midwest) with THuGz