Tournament Registration

Online registration is mandatory; no transactions at the door. Due to space and resource limitations, online registration may be capped at a certain number of unique entrants to be determined by the TO. This means we are also not accepting pure spectator registrations. You must enter at least one event in order to gain access into the venue.

Just to clarify, SWEET Prologue will be treating Melee as the main event and PM as a side event. The TO staff has limited time and resources to work with, so a full PM tourney with round robin pools and doubles (like at Big House) is not possible here. Please keep this in mind while deciding your attendance.

Registrations are not refundable or transferable, and once submitted, cannot be changed with the exception of changing a teammate if you registered for doubles. Please keep this in mind before proceeding. Enter in your information and events correctly the first time. We provide a confirmation page before you pay to help make that happen.

Melee Singles - round robin pools into a double-elimination bracket
Melee Doubles - straight double-elimination bracket
Project M Singles - straight double-elimination bracket

Key Dates:
December 1: Tournament Registration Opens
December 13: Venue Fee increases by $10
December 27: Tournament Registration Deadline
December 27: Teammate Add/Drop Deadline

Please direct all registration-related questions or concerns to Do not use social media to reach out to the TO staff; email only.

 Basic Information (required)
ex: Juggleguy (please avoid using apostrophes or other symbols).
Smashboards Username:
Leave blank if you don't have a Smashboards account.
First Name:
ex: John
Last Name:
ex: Doe
Email Address:
Phone Number:
ex: 555-123-4567
Zip/Postal Code:
 Equipment You Can Provide (optional)
# of CRT TVs:
Number of CRT TVs you can provide; must be at least 15 inches across the diagonal.
# of GameCubes with Melee:
Number of GameCubes you can provide, including a Melee disc with a full memory card. No Wiis, only GameCubes, please.
# of Wiis with Project M v3.5:
Number of Wiis you can provide, including Project M essentials (Brawl disc, SD card, v3.5, etc.)
Thank you for your contribution to this event! If you bring a full Melee setup or a full Project M setup, including the CRT TV, we will provide you with $10 in cash back on the weekend of the tournament. Keep in mind that your equipment, once checked in, will be operated and kept by our staff until the conclusion of the event (this means until Sunday evening). Failure to bring committed equipment without a 5-day advance notice will result in a $20 penalty charge at the door for you to participate; setups are the most essential piece to the successful running of a tournament, and these numbers must be accurate while planning. Thank you for understanding.
 Events to Register For
Venue Fee: 2 Days ($20.00 USD)
Melee Singles: Melee Singles ($10.00 USD)
Melee Doubles: Melee Doubles ($10.00 USD)
Melee Teammate:
Only if applicable. If unsure now, leave blank and email later.
Project M Singles: Project M Singles ($10.00 USD)

  By clicking Register, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Video Release Waiver and Photo Release Waiver listed below, as well as those of the general Code of Conduct listed in the tournament information page. For additional questions or concerns, please email:

* I hereby grant to UM Smash the license to use any and all types of video in which I may be present during the event, including camera recordings, livestream broadcasts, and captured gameplay footage.

* I hereby grant to UM Smash the license to photograph my image, likeness, or depiction during the event, and I waive any claim for compensation for the event's use or publication of photographs taken of me.